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From building bonds and holding them accountable to homework help and career advice, there are so many ways to make a real difference in a child’s life.

There are many ways to give. But none have greater impact on youth than building confidence, teaching life skills and helping plan for a great future.

There are a few steps to becoming a Club volunteer...

To ensure the highest level of safety for Club members at all of our sites, there are mandatory steps that must be completed before a volunteer or group can be scheduled to serve.

1. Complete the volunteer packet found here. You must thoroughly complete all forms and return to

*NOTE* If you have a large group of volunteers, please designate a leader to collect all completed documents and return in a single .pdf to the email above.

2. Once completed paperwork has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted by a unit director to schedule your site tour and Safety Orientation Training course.

As part of your Safety Training, you must complete the Erin's Law Certification course at this link. You can email your certificate to or bring with you to the in-person training.

3. All volunteers must pass a standard background check and are responsible for the $16 processing fee. You can pay using this link—put YOUR FULL NAME and BACKGROUND CHECK in the "Add Note" section.

*If you have questions about this process, please contact us!

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